Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Glau Holding Things

This idea popped into my head for some reason, perhaps because I haven't worked the Summer Glau theme into a post since January, and the one before that was the first reference in nearly a year. Also because it seemed like it could be a lot of fun, and I was right! You could probably start up a whole other blog based on this idea. And now I'm tempted, but may just settle for the occasional rundown of celebrities holding things. Thus the new category I've added.

All right, let's run down ten things the image search pulled up.

10. Broadsword


There can be only one Summer Glau. Which makes her immortal, I guess. No one is complaining.

A screenshot from the movie Knights of Badassdom, currently in post-production. And yes, the trailer unabashedly takes advantage of the fact that Summer Glau in a short skirt with a broadsword is hot enough to contribute to global warming. But she's joining Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Danny Pudi (Community), and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) for a movie about LARP nerds accidentally summoning a demon. It looks awesome.

9. Up A Bank


Because Summer is sick of Fox canceling her shows and she needs to make some money somehow and everybody get on the ground RIGHT NOW.

A screenshot from the pilot of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle in which Cameron and the Connors need to get to a time machine hidden in the bank vault or safe deposit boxes or something. Well maybe if you'd just asked nicely...

8. Serenity


Here Summer holds (and kisses) a model of the Firefly class starship Serenity. The ship comes from the cult series Firefly, where Summer played the mysterious character River Tam.

Wait, what's that? You think it looks like what?! Oh, you've got a filthy mind. And crooked anatomy. Go see a doctor.

7. Gum


Eh, gum. Never been a huge fan, just makes you hungry and loses its flavor, I mean, I love it! Especially that 5 sugar-free gum from Wrigley! I'm going to by some right now and "stimulate my senses," ha ha!

This is purportedly Summer at a Comic Con appearance in New York. The picture she's standing in front of includes something on the "Human Preservation Project," no doubt a Terminator franchise thing. Why it involves all the 5 gum promotion, I don't know. Maybe Wrigley has the launch codes.

6. The Wee Baby Seamus


Summer inspects a child for service in the robots' capacitor mines. Yes, good tiny hands on this one. They'll be able to have it crawling into tight spaces to unclog gears in no time.

No, of course this is just Summer holding a fan's baby during a FanExpo event.

5. Another Kid, In A Threatening Manner


Would someone get Summer on a TV show that lasts longer than two seasons? Seriously, she's shaking down little kids for lunch money now.

Another still from TSCC, in which Summer calms down a bratty kid destined to be part of the future human resistance by neutralizing his gravity a little bit.

4. An Apple


"Alas, poor apple! I knew it well, Horatio, a fruit of infinite zest, of most excellent juiciness..."

And I could probably try for more of the Hamlet speech, but as with most Shakespeare it goes on for awhile and it might take more time than I'm willing to spend to substitute apple words for skull words. Another TSCC image, this captures the moment in an episode when grocery shopping causes Cameron to go all Windows Vista on us.

3. A Tin Heart


I'd like to think this is from some promotion where Summer Glau appears in different parts of the world with various clues, leading us on some grand mystery tour to a greater truth. Or maybe she's just waiting for a maelstrom to arrive so she can get that thing to Oz.

This is apparently a Warner Brothers photo shoot. Or something for Valentine's Day. Or a symbolic TSCC shot illustrating the question of whether robots can feel. Or maybe she was just at the coast and needed a breadbox.

2. Puppet Bono


Summer contemplates all the terrible, horrible, no good very bad things she's going to make the lead singer of U2 go through now that she has a Bono voodoo doll.

Another shot from FanExpo, it looks like. The explanation given is that the Bono puppet was created by an Etsy designer who has it pose with celebrities and go on wacky adventures, which you can follow here.

1. Breast Cancer Bear


Summer is un-bear-ably cute. Urghh, ooh, I forgot about that ulcer that acts up whenever I make a bad pun. It's on my pun-creas. Owwww...

Here, Summer displays a bit of awesomeness by taking part in a fundraiser for breast cancer research. The bear she's holding was auctioned off for $2,007.64, with the winner getting the bear and this picture framed.


  1. Ha, Ha, this was funny...and unusual!
    Thanks for gathering the pictures and also for mentioning my favorite fansite, i.e. the Summer Glau Wiki.

  2. Glad you liked it! This was a lot of fun to write.

  3. that was interesting. i've seen some of them before. my favorites are Summer kissing the Serenity and the Breast Cancer Bear

  4. Great blog post. Well done. It was funny to read!
    By the way, I was the on who won the auction. That was the most precious bear I've ever bought. ;)