Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to your doom!

This isn't so much a new blog as an updating of my old one on Xanga. I started that one back in the day when several of my friends started up blogs and it was a nice way to goof around with them online. Then we all graduated and people gravitated away from the Xanga blogs, sometimes permanently and sometimes to other platforms.

I started up The Downfall Dictionary, my other Blogspot account regarding political scandals, in November and like the format here. It's all part of Google's plan for world domination, I'm sure, but they seem to be benevolent overlords. The tracker on the Xanga site has been picking up nothing but some sort of RSS checkup from California for weeks; hopefully this site will fare better in visits, for whatever content I end up producing.

My personal blogging has suffered slightly since I can't comment too much on politics or on work, so what's left are the hours of free time where I pretty much do the following: read, watch TV, play video games, write on my other blog, sleep, and hang out with friends. I'll probably still be somewhat short on time, but hopefully I've got a better way of producing entries now. My plan now is to expand into more reviews, game ideas, what encyclopedias are good for now that Wikipedia is all-consuming, etc. And if something exciting actually happens to me, I'll let you know.

Be sure to set The Rendezvous Point coordinates in your favorites or RSS reader, and I'll be back in just a bit with a legitimate entry!

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